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Spider Plant

Scientific NameChlorophytum comosum

Common Names: spider plant, airplane plant, St. Bernard's lily, spider ivy, ribbon plant, hen and chickens

Spider plants are well known for being some of the easiest house plants around! Very forgiving care, easy light requirements… The best part? They love to make babies!

Easily the most noticeable feature of spider plants is their tendency to put out plantlets at the end of their longest leaves. Allowing these plantlets to lay on soil results in their forming adventitious roots and hey presto, you have more spider plants!

The care for spider plants is fantastically straightforward:

  1. Spider plants do best in shade, as direct light will scorch them. This makes them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens! If you notice the leaves of your spider plant blanching, place them in less powerful light to heal your plant.
  2. Water about once a week, and only enough to keep the soil moist. Don’t let it become waterlogged! If any standing water pools up in the bottom or in your water collection tray, be sure to empty it right away.
  3. Spider plants are sensitive to fluoride buildup, so be sure to water with purified or distilled water.
  4. Replenishing the bacterial population of your soil is important for any plant. Use a bacterial inoculant once a month to keep your plant fed and healthy!

When your spider plant gets large enough, be sure to propagate! It helps the health of the plant and makes you everyone’s new best friend, too!