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Snake Plant

Scientific NameSansevieria

Common Names: mother-in-law's tongue, devil's tongue, jinn's tongue, bow string hemp, snake plant, snake tongue

Welcome to the wonderful world of sansevieria! This plant is fabulous for beginners and for long time plant parents alike - its care routine is one of the easiest out there! It’s a wonderful confidence builder, especially for people who say they have a “black thumb”.

This plant absorbs CO2 at night and releases oxygen during the day, which makes it an excellent bedroom plant and purportedly helps you sleep better! Its leaves are toxic if ingested, though, so make sure it’s out of reach of dogs and children.


  1. Sansevieria do best in bright, warm light, but will tolerate most lighting conditions.
  2. This plant thrives on neglect (which is perfect for a lot of new plant parents) because it’s very sensitive to overwatering, so make sure to only water it about once a month and pot it in a well-draining soil. A good way to tell if your snake plant needs watering is to give a leaf a slight bend - if it resists firmly, it’s filled with water and doesn’t need to be replenished. If it’s a little floppy and easy to bend, then give it some water.
  3. Fertilize with bacterial inoculant once every two months or so to replenish the bacterial populations and keep your snake plant fed!

Snake plants are known for breaking their pot if allowed to reach the point of being rootbound, so make sure to occasionally split it at the roots and pot the halves into separate pots. All you have to do is snap that huge root that joins them together, and there’s no propagation period so you don’t need to worry about that! These plants are plug-and-play.