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Here for you through pests, repots, and any other detours your plants take. 

Enjoy your plants without the stress or guesswork. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could just know how to care for every plant and treat every ailment? 

 Instant knowledge downloads aren't possible yet, and trust us plant apps have a LOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG way to go,  but you CAN access our years of experience and knowledge with the plant clinic. 

We know that house plants represent so much more than just decore. They are memories, inheritances, and occasionally representations of the person you're trying to be.  

And unlike your coffee table, they are alive. They need regular care and can get pests or ailments that can result in you no longer having the plant that means so much to you. 

We created the clinic so beginners and experienced plant caretakers alike can get all of the support they need so they can ENJOY their plants  (instead of stressing out over them). 

Our services range from plant project support like re-potting and moss pole mounting, to plant check ups where we create a personalized plant care regimen to help you become the best plant person you can be.  

* Catch problems early to increase your plants chances of survival

*  Learn how to adjust your care habits to keep your plants happier

*  Avoid the mess and clean up of at home projects

*  Save time and hassle! Drop your plants off and we'll do the work for you. 

The reservation fee covers your time with our knowledgeable and friendly clinicians. 

Any products used during your session or sent home with you for continued care are paid for at the end of you appointment. 

Choose the length you need for your appointment and select Reserve your Time to be taken to our calendar of available dates.