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So, you’re bringing home your first plant. Congratulations! As a proud new plant parent, there are a few items we recommend having on hand to make the care and upkeep of your new plant friend a breeze. Click the pictures to be directed to the described products!

Scoop: I guarantee you will need to scoop something at some point, and it’s nice to not have to use your hands.

Chopsticks: Used for aerating soil, planting cacti, and placing delicate (or poky) items.

Gloves: These come in especially useful when handling cacti! Also important for avoiding a manicure later.

Tweezers: Used for more delicate work and to deal with pesky cactus spines.

Rooting Hormone: Most of us eventually get into propagating. A good rooting hormone boosts your success rate by as much as 40% - well worth it.

Cotton or Jute twine: You’ll find yourself tying parts of plants for support or repair relatively often. Make sure you have some of this on hand if you decide to buy plants in kokedama or that need direction.

Apron: The pockets are the kicker here. Besides the obvious benefit of keeping your clothes clean, you don’t wanna be running back and forth every time you need to switch tools.