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Brazilian Philodendron

Scientific NamePhilodendron hederaceum 'Brasil'

Common Names: heartleaf philodendron

The Brazilan philodendron (or philodendron Brasil), like all heartleaf philodendrons, is known for its beautiful heart-shaped leaves! This is a fabulous low-light climbing plant that loves to grow up whatever you put near it for it to tie itself to and is wonderfully easy to care for.

This kind of philodendron is a hybrid of philodendron varieties that all come from the tropical regions of the Americas, which is where its green and golden yellow variegation comes from. It’s extremely popular, and with good reason - it’s a near fail-safe plant that has as standard care as an indoor plant ever had!


  1. Place it in as high indirect light as you can give it (it will sunburn in direct light). This plant can easily tolerate lower light levels, so it’s nothing to worry about too much - but it will grow much larger and more splendid leaves if you can provide it with more sun!
  2. Watering is very straightforward with this plant: don’t let the soil dry out completely, don’t water it so much that water pools in the bottom of the pot (if it does pool, pour it out), and as a rule of thumb, you should be watering it about once a week give or take a day depending on the conditions of your home. Easy peasy! Feel free to mist the leaves, but it’s not required.
  3. Fertilize the soil with bacterial inoculant once every month to keep it fed, and make a point of checking to see if it’s outgrown its pot when you do. If it has, be sure to repot it soon or your beautiful foliage will brown and yellow!

If you’d like to direct where this plant climbs, you can tie its vines to surfaces according to the path you would like it to climb along. Many plant owners choose to let it grow however it likes and are rewarded with an incredible amount of foliage, but if your space doesn’t allow for that look, don’t be afraid to trim it back! If you do, make sure you cut just below the hormone centers so you can gift your friends the cuttings or propagate them yourself for free new plants! (Here are our propagation tubes and rooting hormone powder to that end.)

Overall, your friendship with this plant is going to be a very rewarding experience!