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Helping "Plant Killers" Become "Plant Keepers" 

You aren't doomed to a lifetime of dead plants, promise. 

You've made your way from Aloe to ZZ without luck.  The orchid you bought in a desperate attempt to de-beige your cubicle quit before it's quarterly review.

As much as you covet the flourishing indoor gardens you see online it feels like you're under some sort of plant killing curse. 

If you're starting to feel like the only plants you can keep are made of plastic, we can help. 

You were set up for heartbreak...

Not all plants are prepared to transition easily into your home environment. 

To increase profits, soil is often doctored with slow release chemical fertiliser that speeds development but is ultimately unsustainable for your plant.  

Young plants get crowded into pots to look more mature than they are, only to have their roots start to suffocate as they age. 

Even if you're starting with a healthy plant, it's hard to know whose advice to follow. So much of the advice availible is based on ideal conditions, something most inner city appartments don't provide. 

You don't need expensive equiptment, questionable chemical components or esoteric knowledge to start cultivating greater longevity for your plants. 

Create a mutually satisfying and supportive  relationship with your plants.  

If your "learning curve" feels more like a roller-coaster our plant care clinic can help smooth out the bumps. 

Bring your plants in during store hours, schedule an intake appointment or book a virtual consultation  with a clinician and get  personalized guidance.  

Pick ups and delivery options are available because a busy schedule, limited mobility, or a mealy bug triggered gag reflex shouldn't hold you back from the plants you love.

New worlds await at the terrarium bar.

If you're yearning for fresh flowers or miniature forest dreamscapes. an appointment at the terrarium bar is in store.  Un-wind after a stressful day by yourself or get your friends hooked on a new hobby.  

Our huge selection of terrarium glass, plants and personalized accessories is at your disposal for self guided walk ins or  reservations.


Make new friends and fronds in our classes.

Connect with people as excited about your Monstera's fenestration progess as you are. 

 We are always adding classes to meet a variety of interests and confidence levels. 

Find your soilmates over a succulent bowl or get inspired by your classmates as you delicately sculpt your own bonsai.