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Dream Outside The Pot with Our Classes

Mount a Staghorn fern, make a terrarium with carnivorous plants, or try something completely different.


Find Fellow Plant Lovers and Learn New Skills with Fun Adult Classes. 

There are so many ways to creatively bring more plants into your home. Try out Kokedama, turn your plants into wall art by mounting them, or create a themed  terrarium. 

Our classes provide a structured learning environment for you to expand your skills and try something new. 

Connect with other plant lovers, make meaningful memories, and expand your abilities as a plant caretaker.

Many of our classes are best suited for adults and teens. We do offer family classes regularly as well.  Family classes are designed to be more accessible for a diverse age range, with projects meant to be constructed as a team rather than individually. 

Book an upcoming class today. 

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7/19 @ 6:00 Simple Soap Making - Citrus Soaps - Urban Sprouts
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7/26 @ 6:00 Kokedama Workshop - Urban Sprouts
Sale Off
8/16 @ 6:00 Mini Moss Gardens - Urban Sprouts
Sale Off
8/2 @ 6:00 Fairy Garden Workshop - Urban Sprouts
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8/31 @ 6:00 Beginner Bonsai Workshop - Urban Sprouts
Sale Off
9/13 @ 6:00 Pottery Paint and Sip - Urban Sprouts
Sale Off
9/27 @ 6:00 Monstera Master Class
Sale Off
9/29 @ 5:00 Preserved Butterfly Terrariums

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a Class, a Reservation at the Terrarium Bar, or just walking in? 

Classes are our most structured offering. They start with a lecture giving you not only an overview of the project you’re creating but a little bit of it’s history and more of the WHY behind why it’s done the way it’s done. Classes are also great places to connect with other plant lovers and to get inspired by what your neighbor is doing. 

A reservation at the terrarium bar get’s you creating right away. One of our team member’s will give you the information you need and will guide you through each step as you reach them rather than giving you a full overview all at once. 

Walking in to the terrarium bar is a more self guided experience. There’s a reference of the steps on the wall for you to follow, but it’s much more go at your own pace and do your own thing. It’s a great option for experienced terrarium builder or folks who like to figure out the process on their own. 

  • Can I bring my own supplies? 

Please don’t bring your own supplies to structured classes. Bringing your own vessels can disrupt the flow of the class, it’s also common for customers to change their mind once they see what everyone else is doing, resulting in one more thing to remember to grab at the end of class.

 If you have a unique or sentimental vessel you would like to use or a specific project in mind, make a reservation for the terrarium bar or bring it in for a walk in style appointment instead. 

  • What Does the Class Fee Cover? How Much Does It Cost?

Your booking covers your class fee plus a $10 credit to use towards supplies used and will be deducted from your total at the end of class!

 Projects can be made at a wide range of price points from $25 - $150 (you decide how much you spend - perfect for any budget!)