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Its getting chilly out there! Be sure to check out our Winter shipping insurance >>>
Its getting chilly out there! Be sure to check out our Winter shipping insurance >>>

African Violet

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African violets have been popular house plants for many years, and with good reason! African violets (Saintpaulia) come in a whole array of colors, and nearly all varieties have velvety soft leaves.
Native to rain forests in the mountains of eastern African countries like Tanzania, these flowering plants can be found growing on the shady forest floors and flowering plentifully.
As house plants they are are one of few readily available species capable of flowering all year long. They also tolerate of a variety of lighting conditions, and they like to keep their soil damp making them ideal for anyone who likes to be attentive to their plants!
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Provide low to bright indirect direct light. Keep near a window but out of direct sun as they can easily burn.  If your plant isn't flowering regularly it is usually an indication that they would prefer more light.

This plant can photosynthesize using florescent light! 

Keep soil damp but never overly wet or dry. Provide well draining soil and a container with a drainage hole to prevent overly wet soil.

African violets generally prefer to be watered from the bottom or watered in such a way that their leaves do not get wet. Dry off any water that makes contact with the leaves as it may cause unsightly spots.

Fertilize monthly using Bacterial Inoculant! Because these plants are regular flowerers they require regular fertilizing.