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Cretan Brake Fern

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Soft | Bright | Full

Silver ribbon ferns are a beautiful variety of fern with bold coloring and delicate foliage, gracing any space easily with the elegant touch of silver at the center of its leaves.

Each leaf has three distinct segments, all of which grow to a noticeable length and have a silver coloration in their centers. Loves to grow outward horizontally to cover a good amount of ground, but also puts up growths which grow vertically.

Lighting: Low to medium indirect light.

Water: Likes to be kept moist, but not soggy. Water once the top of the soil feels slightly dry, and make sure that the water is draining through without pooling in the pot or in the water tray. Mist often, or keep humid.

Soil/Potting: Plant in a well draining soil in a container with a drainage hole and made of slightly porous material like ceramic or sealed concrete. Repot annually or when plant exhibits discoloration without the presence of any mis-watering habits.

Fertilize: Monthly with bacterial inoculant recommended for steady growth and to promote richer coloration in the foliage.

Temperature: Room temp (55-85 degrees is ideal), protect from harsh fluctuations in temperature particularly in the winter

Toxicity: This plant is non-toxic.


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