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Hoya 'Krimson Queen'

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Striking | Delicate | Romantic

This plant has gorgeous waxy leaves and an absolutely stunning array of flowers in the spring, making this plant a fabulous addition to any plant collection! It loves to sprawl and curl around whatever is near, which is an excellent trait for helping an area look that much more lush.

The variegations of this plant set it apart from other varieties of Hoya Carnosa. This plant loves to extend long vines that wrap around whatever is nearby or trail down if it can't find anything, and if grown correctly can come to be quite large with vines extending as far as two meters!

Propagate easily by placing cuttings into water and allow to root.

Lighting: Medium to bright indirect

Water: Allow soil to completely dry between waterings. Be careful not to overwater

Soil/Potting: Plant in a well draining soil (cactus mix or potting soil and sand 1:1) in a container with a drainage hole and made of slightly porous material like ceramic. Keep soil shallow to allow for proper drying. Repot annually or when plant exhibits discoloration without the presence of any mis-watering habits

Fertilize: Monthly with bacterial inoculant recomended for steady growth and to promote flowering

Temperature: Room temp, protect from harsh fluctuations in temperature particularly in the winter

Toxicity: This plant is listed as non-toxic, but because of the presence of latex in its leaves should be kept away from children and pets to avoid the possibility of a reaction.


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