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Creating a Rustic-Inspired Home

Creating a Rustic-Inspired Home

There are few things as satisfying as coming back after a long day to a space that truly feels like home, a place that reflects who you are, and what feels uniquely comfortable to you. If you’re drawn to folksy warmth, rich textures, and deep tones, the rustic style probably feels like home to you. And we’ve created an entire collection dedicated to helping you cultivate that very style in your own home. But first, let's talk about the three pillars of rustic design.

Focus on Texture

One of the most important elements of a rustic home is the use of texture! Natural wood, distressed metals, woven baskets, and rough surfaces all help create a unique depth to your space. An important element to remember here is contrast! You can add even more character to a space by incorporating textures that are unique and contrasting. 

Stick to Warm Colors

Another hallmark of this style is the use of warm tones. A rich burgundy, a smoky brown, or a deep sienna will give the space a cozier, more rustic feel. Here is where you will want to create more consistency. Choose a few tones that feel rich and cohesive and collect items in those shades. 

Think Woodsy

To create the most authentic rustic style, you will want to channel all things woodsy, mountainous, and outdoorsy. How can you integrate the elements in a natural way? There is most commonly achieved through the used of wooden tree patterns, rigid plants, and dry, grassy accents.

Top Rustic Plant: Elkhorn Fern


Top Rustic Planter: Leather Plant Sling







Top Rustic Accessory: Squat Bottle Neck Planter

Feeling inspired? Shop our plants, pots, home decor, and more, carefully curated for the rustic-inspired home of your dreams!




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