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A plant shop with your success at heart
We believe that anyone can become great at plant care with the right plants, tools, and guidance. 

New to plants and not sure where to start?

Want something new to brighten up your home?

Need some personalized care? 

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A squad of plant care bffs
At Urban Sprouts we’re always ready with support,  information, helpful recommendations, and of course PLANTS.  We're more than a plant shop. We're an inclusive community where the chlorophyll curious can become full fledged plant aficionados.

Each of our team members are talented plant educators with years of experience. We' know getting into a new passion can be CRUNCHY (in plant care, sometimes literally) but we're here to help you grow your confidence as you navigate the ups and downs.   

We want you to have everything you need so you AND your plant can thrive.
Creating a Flourishing Future Together. 

We love connecting people with great plants that they will love for years to come. More than that, we love being a place where your curiosity will be celebrated and your needs met with enthusiasm.  

Our own passion for plant care started like many people’s do - making memories with family members and friends who excitedly invited us to share their interests. They held our hands through our missteps. Encouraged us whenever we started to doubt our ability. Most of all, they helped us view the world through the eyes of a plant lover.

We love that our team gets to be that touchstone now for so many people. 

We want you to love your plants and the ritual of plant care for years to come. 

 We're here to make it easy to find healthy plants, effective essentials, and one on one guidance so you can skip the anxiety and guess work and go straight to the enjoyment part.

For us, this also means investing in other small businesses, independent artisans and vendors, and our talented team.  

Shop our selection online, or visit us in the store at 724 S 3rd St B, Renton, WA 98057

Hand Selected Plants
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Quality Tools
A woman waters a pothos silver exotica with a brown watering can
Fall is here, and so is our seasonal care guide.
Tuck your plants in for their dormant season with this Fall care guide. 
In it, we'll tell you how to prevent temperature shock, adjust your watering to match your plant's needs, and more. 
Our featured products
Urban Sprouts Fertilizer Packet Bacterial Inoculant Fertilizer
Wrought Iron Shears - Urban Sprouts
Urban Sprouts Substrate Rainforest Floor / Quart Specialty Soil Blends
1:1 CARE
Plant Clinic Appointment - Urban Sprouts
Create a personal oasis in your home or office. 
House plants add warmth and beauty to your space. Plant care also  connects you with cycles of growth and nature.   There's even studies indicating  that having plants improves your mental health and the air quality of your home. 

Although there are many benefits to keeping plants, many people start out afraid  they won't be able to keep their collection alive in the long term.   

That is why we're so passionate about the education and continuing care resources we offer. We want anyone who wants to become good at plant care to have everything they need to get there. 

We offer a variety of one on one services to help you create your dream spaces, confident in your ability to care for it for years to come. Personal shopping appointments help guide you towards plants you'll love that suit your style, light availability, and care abilities.  

After we've matched you with the perfect plants, our clinic is here to help you manage annual care, make any adjustments to your routines, and trouble shoot issues that might arise. 

Urban Sprouts is now the only shop I go to for all my plants and supplies. I started collecting plants about a year ago and Jen and her team have become my go-to gurus for all things plant! They help me locate all the plants I want for my collection, help me with all my questions. The shop is absolutely stunning! It is full of beautiful gifts, ceramics, as well as high quality and diverse plants. I can’t recommend this place enough - knowledgeable, approachable, and all-around good people.

Katey C.

I feel welcome and well taken care of every time I go into Urban Sprouts. Jen and the team are so knowledgeable. I love that not only can I get beautiful plants to decorate with, but care instructions and an endless amount of support once I get home. They are the best!

Sara B.

I have been to other plants stores in the past, but have never found myself returning to them over and over as I do with Urban Sprouts. The shop has the most unique and varied collection of all things from plants, crystals, pots, and much more... It has the best service possible for your plant babies. Whatever one could possibly need help with in caring for one's plants, Urban Sprouts is always readily available to help! Thank you!

Simmer K.

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